Saturday, November 26, 2005

Flo Mounier’s Extreme Drumming 101 2 DVD Set Now Available

Flo Mounier is known around the world for his incomparable way of playing extreme metal music. His drumming combines great chops with blistering speed and technical brutality. Drummer of the Canadian band CRYPTOPSY, Flo’s style is an example to follow for the new generation of drummers who wish to find out more on what the discipline of extreme drumming is all about.

On disc 1, Flo discusses the basic elements fundamental in playing extreme metal as well as showing exercises, routines and tips facilitating speed, endurance and control. On disc 2, we see Flo in action performing some over the top solos and extreme songs.

As Flo’s playing has inspired many different types of drummers, so will the contents of the 2 DVD set EXTREME METAL DRUMMING 101.

DVD-Video (Disc 1&2)
NTSC / Zone: 0 (All Regions) / Stereo
Language: English
Total Running Time: Approx. 200 minutes
DVD-Rom (Disc 1)
PC + Mac Compatible

Hand & floor techniques
Warm up routine

- Upper and lower body warm up for practices and shows
- Warm up for the feet with no practice equipment
Stretching & workout tips
Speed, endurance & control building exercises
Grind Library

-grind beats
- blast beats
- gravity blast
Drum set-up & drum head tension
Playing sound
Influences & great drummers
Song Rehearsal (multi-angle)
- Phobophile
- Cold Hate, Warm Blood

- Upper and lower body alternate video channels to learn the songs
Photo section
DVD-Rom Content

- Drum notations for Phobophile, Cold Hate, Warm Blood and We Bleed
- Extras

Drum Solo (16:46)
- Demons Stole My Soul - Rock ‘n Roll in Contemporary Art Exhibit,
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
Toronto, ON. Canada 06/16/2005
Watch an excerpt from this video
Drum Solo (5:53)
-Cohoes, NY. USA 04/12/2005
Drum Solo (4:35)
-Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IV. Trois-Rivieres, QC. Canada 11/06/2004
- Multi-angle
Montreal Drum Fest 2003 (23:03)
-Instrumental medley of early Once Was Not compositions with fellow Cryptopsy members, followed by a drum solo
- Phobophile (instrumental) and a duet with drummer Ange Curcio.
Live footage (27:34)
- Six songs filmed from behind the drums during the Canada 2004 and USA 2005 Tours
-Phobophile (4:40)
Rouyn-Noranda, QC. Canada 10/23/2004
-Cold Hate, Warm Blood (4:01)
Santa Ana, CA. USA 03/11/2005
-We Bleed (6:16)
Rouyn-Noranda, QC. Canada 10/23/2004
-Slit Your Guts (4:06)
Cohoes, NY. USA 4/12/2005
-Dead and Dripping (4:12)
Winnipeg, MB. Canada 9/26/2004
-Benedictine Convulsions (4:19)
Prince George, BCX. Canada 09/20/2004
Sound Check and Drum Solo (4:17)
- Sound check for the pre-production of Once Was Not at Wild Studios, St-Zenon, QC, Canada. Summer 2004
Odds & Ends of Once Was Not (3:44)
- Drums and percussion recording for the album Once Was Not at Studio Vortex, St. Constant, QC, Canada. Summer 2005
Adrenaline TV show documentary (6:00)
Radio-Canada’s Adrenaline TV show documentary (in French with English subtitles). Summer 2004
Adrenaline Extra Footage (8:01)
- Extra footage of the documentary’s recording process. Summer 2004

Extreme Metal Drumming 101 was directed and produced by Flo Mounier and Francois Quevillon.. The content of this DVD was inspired by comments and suggestion from the many emails he received from the public. Flo Mounier thanks everyone for your feedback and support.


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Canada: $45.00 CAD (Canadian funds)
Outside of Canada: $40.00 USD (US funds)

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Flo Mounier Biography:

Flo Mounier Official Website
Cryptopsy Website

Drummer for the band Cryptopsy, Flo has toured Canada, France, Japan and the United States as a headlining act over the last 6 years, and combined record sales have reached over 250,000 copies to date.

Wherever Flo has played, his reputation remains the same; he combines great chops with blistering speed and technical brutality. Add this to an open mind approach that embraces different musical genres, Flo has developed an even greater ability to enhance the creative edge within his unique phrasing. His exploitation of the Latin/Jazz approach has added an originality to his style that sets him apart from the rest. Flo’s speed and precision apply to his live performances as well, and his playing continues to get even faster and tighter. His delivery and execution of complex fills at abnormal speeds will leave no one feeling indifferent.

His hard work has paid off as he is today one of the most recognized drummers within the metal scene. Flo’s style is an example to follow for the new generation of drummers who wish to find out more on what the discipline of extreme drumming is all about.. His drum kit is one of the most impressive kits in the world, with a custom rack created by Redge (Rene) Adolph.

Flo's style is the example to follow for the new generation of drummers who wish to find out more on what the discipline of extreme drumming is all about.

Flo’s Extreme Metal Drumming 101 2 DVD Set is a well documented experience in extreme metal drumming that covers such topics as warm ups, basics of speed drumming, endurance exercises, techniques, creative rhythms, and much more including different drum solos and play along segments for some of Cryptopsy’s most popular songs and bonus material.

Flo is endorsed by Pearl Drums, Sabian, Remo & Vic Firth

Flo's Drum Kit:

Pearl Masterworks Series (black mist with gold hardware)# 122
2 -22x18 bass drums
8 x 8 tom
10 x 8" tom
12 x 9" tom
13 x 9" floor tom
16 x 14" floor tom
13 x 6 1/2 Reference snare
12 x 5" sensitone spare snare

Sabian Cymbals
17" Evolution crash
13" AA hi hats
8" AA splash
18" Evolution crash
2 - 10" max stax
2 - 12" AA mini china
10" HH splash
18" Ozone crash
14" AA sizzle hi hats
14" HH crash
21" raw bell dry ride
18" B8 pro china
12" AA fusion mini hi hats
10" AA splash
14" mini china
12" mini china custom Mike Portnoy

Pearl Hardware
4 eliminator pedals 2 snare stands
1 throne stand
1 hihat adapter clamp
1 eliminator hihat pedal/stand
1 eliminator remote hihat
1 clave block and stand
20 pc 50 clamps
icon drum rack (Redge custom rack)
6 tom arms
12 boom cymbal arms
1 mini hihat 1 remote hihat

Remo Heads
All toms - Emperors coated top/ambassadors clear bottom Main snare drum
- Emperor coated top/ambassador clear bottom Second snare drum -
Ambassador coated top/ambassador clear bottom Bass drums - Power stroke
clear beater side/ambassador black front

Roland SPD 20
2 D-DRUM triggers for bass drums
cables and wires

Beyerdynamic Microphones

Vic Firth Signature Sticks (F1)