Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Conflicted in the Studio - Report by Mark Brewer, Executive Producer

Written by Mark Brewer, Platinum Entertainment

If you like metal and prog mixed together, you are going to love Conflicted. This Toronto based band is currently recording their first full length CD with me. The association came about after the band played a show on Imagefm.ca recently. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised during the webcast, so much that I offered to record their CD. I am the Executive Producer on this project.

The current line-up consists of Jason Orton on Vox (studio bass-studio keys), Mark Owen on Guitar (studio keys), Corey Stoll on the skins, coupled with their new bass player Bone doing live shows. The band is currently seeking a new keyboard player. If you like Saga, Judas Priest and other prog/metal tunes you will be into these guys bigtime. The music is for a better word, brilliant! Tight, catchy and dramatic. Every song tells a story, unlike some other bands of today. Jason Orton is a 4 octive singer. Actually the term 4 octive might be an understatement. I am not talking about the piercing screamer. This is a guy that can bring the goods in the higher ranges, inserting emotion and precision in his vocal delivery. This is a rare comodity. Anyone can scream on stage. Jason can sing! Hide those precious crystal glasses near this guy as they would shatter from his vocal delivery. Corey Stoll whom affectionatley I call the human metronome is one hell of a drummer. With many years of experience behind his Pearl Masters kit. He is facinating to watch both in the studio and on stage. Hey you...have you ever seen a band that is great but has a crappy drummer? It really drags the rest of the band down into abyss. Corey on the other hand really amps up the energy with his tight, hard hitting playing. Mark Owen, the guitarist from Conflicted (I call him the axe master) which might be a major under-rating. If you know Conflicted, you will know that the guitar licks and riffs in their music is precise, methotical and a real treat to listen to. Mark puts his all into the music and it shows in the live stage showsand in the up-coming recording. He just doesnt stand there like some players. He's into his craft. Mark has been called one of the best indie guitar players in Canada. I tend to agree with that statement, as I have seen the evidence first hand both in the studio and live.

Some of you might be curious about how the recording is going here at Imagefm.ca? Pro is the only word that comes to mind! Pictured here is Corey Stoll on the last day of drum tracking. Corey and I spent a few weeks in sporatic sessions laying down the drum tracks to this long awaited 10 song CD. Corey is a great guy with a firm attention to detail. When you hear this recording, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Corey's kit is pristine sounding. It is pictured here in the Imagefm.ca tracking studio.

Jason Orton is not only a killer vocalist, he is also a very talented bass player. He is pictured here with Mark Owen in the Imagefm.ca master control room. Jason has a unique taste for Rickenbacker basses. This is his third Rickenbacker. Jason has tracked all of the bass tracks for the upcoming CD. A little inside scoop folks......Most of the bass tracks laid down by Jason were either the first or second take! The bass sounds are incredible and will cut through nicely. For those that know what a Rickenbacker sounds like, you will definately notice this in the recording. I love it!

Mark Owen digs great guitar gear, namely Marshall cabs, heads and his life long love for Fender Stratocaster axes, for which he has done his own mods on. Pictured is his recording setup in the Imagefm.ca studio. if you have a chance to actually get close enough to his strats you will notice that the necks on all of his axes are custom. If you can see them at a show take a good look!

One of many of Mark Owen's Stratocaster's....To date the Conflicted CD directory on our recording pc has 50 gigabytes contained in it! This is going to be one killer CD! Please stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable recording.

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