Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Metal Queen Management added as a Judge in The Paragon $tage $tar Competition

Toronto, ON August 17, 2006
This e-mail welcomes our newest sponsor aboard:


Metal Queen Management is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada offering management, promotion and public relations worldwide.

Metal Queen Management will be offering the first prize winner of the Rogers Paragon $tage $tar Band Competition:

Management services for one year including:
-Worldwide press releases
-Worldwide radio campaigns
-Music Reviews
-Booking Services
-Promotions and consultations

This already on top of $5000 cash from ROGERS, 24 hours of recording time from STUDIO 8, and $1000 of graphic design from DIRTY LAUNDRY. Sign-up to Paragon $tage $tar for a chance to win all of these!

Welcome aboard Metal Queen Management!

Mike and Lital

Paragon and Rogers Make One Band's Rock Star Dream Come True

Paragonyx Entertainment in conjunction with Rogers Wireless is putting together a one-of-a-kind band competition where the winning band walks away with a grand prize worth over $20 000! which includes opening up for a major signed headliner at a festival next summer, $5000 CASH, $3000 worth of recording, management services for a year, $1000 worth of graphic design and more! The biggest prize to ever be given away in Canada!

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) July 20, 2006 -- On October 20th, 27th, November 3rd and December 1st, 2006 Rogers Wireless will present The Paragon $tage $tar Competition. This competition is the first of its kind in Canada to give such a large cash prize and a once in a life-time opportunity to open up for a major signed headliner; The winning band walks away with $5000 cash and a prize with an estimated value of $20 000. There will be three preliminary rounds comprised of ten bands each (each band will only have to compete once.) Two bands will be selected from each preliminary night and three bands will be selected as wild cards throughout the competition.

Paragon never charges an application fee. Ultimately, Paragon will be sending nine bands to compete at the Rogers Paragon $tage $tar Finals on December 1st.

The sign-up for the competition will begin Tuesday, July 18th and end on Friday, September 15th, 2006 at 5pm. In order to sign up bands must go to click on the $tage $tar section of the website, go to sign-up and enter their information. They must then send an MP3 of their music as well as their website to lital @

The selected bands will be notified by mid-September.

Judging is a large factor that separates Paragon from other such competitions. We assure you that all event judges will be credible music industry professionals including: Record Company A & R, Record Producers, booking agents, managers, etc. Criteria for judging will include:

· Overall talent (musicianship, band cohesiveness etc.)
· Originality
· Attitude/Stage presence
· Professionalism

Similar types of competitions, called the Rogers Paragon 5K and the Rogers Paragon Platinum, were held in June/July of 2006, January/February 2006 and October/November 2005. The prize for the 5K competition was $5000 cash from Rogers Wireless. For the Platinum competition, the band received $2500 cash. The band who walked away with the prize of the first Rogers Paragon Platinum was Ashley. The second installment of the competition was won by FNA. These bands were brought on stage where they received a novelty cheque for $2500 as well as their actual prize winnings. Upon receiving his prize, Shawn Kirkpatrick the lead singer of the band FNA told Paragon Executive Director Michael Gruneir: "It was nice to be treated with respect by a promoter for once. Paragon cares about the artist and not only their own needs. We had nothing but a positive experience with the competition.

It is an example of a company that lives up to their promises. This is the first time that we have ever played a battle where we have actually received all that was promised to us." Rogers and Paragon have doubled the cash prize money, added extra incentive and are excited by the prospect of this one of a kind competition.
Paragonyx Entertainment was originally started in June of 2003 by Toronto musician Michael Gruneir. Michael is a lead singer in an independent Toronto rock band Autumn Hill, and he wanted to put together a competition that geared to the interests of established independent artists that took music seriously and professionally. The ultimate goal of all Paragon Band Competitions is to provide musicians in Toronto and Southern Ontario with the opportunity to play in a competition, that unlike many other similar events, bases its results solely on talent of its participants and where the judges are legitimate music industry professionals. Paragon is a band competition program geared toward serious independent bands and musicians that have substantial live experience.

Lital Rotman, the Media and Marketing Director of Paragonyx had always been the organizer of various aspects of the competitions since Paragon's inception in June of 2003. She joined the organization full-time in January of 2005 at a crucial time. Media exposure and organization were necessary to organize a free outdoor charity concert. Michael and Lital have been business partners ever since and have organized both the Rogers Paragon Platinum, and 5k series together and now the $tage $tar competition together.

For more information about Paragon’s upcoming band competition, go to:

For further information contact:

Lital Rotman
Media and Marketing Director
Paragonyx Entertainment Inc.
(647) 883-8118
lital @