Monday, June 11, 2007

Chris Caffery on Tour (Toronto show June 13) and New Release Available

Chris Caffery of Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra is currently on tour with Doro. Catch him in Toronto on Wednesday June 13 at the Fun Haus.

It’s been over two years since Hard Rock guitarist Chris Caffery put out a solo album. Locomotive Records will release Caffery’s eclectic Pins And Needles on June 5, 2007.

The busy musician, despite continuing his key roles in Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, was hellbent to finish in the studio and get back out on the road where he belongs, this time with Doro. Not only is he in her band, but he will be showcasing the new material from Pins And Needles when he opens for the metal queen. His legion of international fans couldn’t be more excited.

Caffery was halfway through the production of Pins And Needles when the record label that signed him, Black Lotus, out of Greece, ceased to exist. Ever the metal warrior, Caffery, though, forged on, and feels it’s his strongest musical statement to date.

The dictionary definition of Pins And Needles is “a tingling sensation in a limb recovering from numbness.” For those who need a jolt in their musical selections, here’s the movement that will flush feeling back into the hard rock soul. Caffery expresses his thoughts and frustrations with a variant of topics. From dealing with death to impact of the Internet on society to his hatred of Taco Bell, the listener fully extrapolates the vast mind of this experienced musician. “Life has much adversity, tragedy, and emotional challenges”, he says.

Track Listing
1. Pins and Needles
2. 66
3. Reach Out and Torment Again
4. Walls
5. It’s SAD
6. Y.G.B.F.K.M.
7. Chained
9. The Sign Of The Crossed
10. The Time
11. Mettle Eastern
12. In The Midst
13. Quaaludio
14. The Temple
15. Once Upon A Time

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